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The Popularity of Indoor Playgrounds

25 March 2023
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According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), there are about 15,000 indoor playgrounds in North America as of 2020. These include soft play areas, inflatable parks, trampoline parks, climbing gyms, and other indoor attractions that cater to children and families. Indoor playgrounds are popular because they offer a safe and fun environment for kids to play, socialize, and exercise regardless of the weather or season.

The Popularity of Indoor Playgrounds with Parents and Families​

Indoor playgrounds are a great option for families who want to have fun and stay active, regardless of the weather or season. Back in the early 1980's Jack Pentes invented the first indoor playground after watching his pet gerbil's scurrying through their own habitat of trails and climbs. Since the first known indoor playground location in 1983 in Englewood, CO., their popularity with parents and families has grown steadily.

The main drivers of this growth are favorable youth demographics, increasing disposable income, urbanization, and rising demand for leisure and entertainment activities, and the awareness of cleanliness in a post-covid world.

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According to market research reports by Statista and others, the global family/indoor entertainment centers
market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.3% from 2020 to 2028, reaching USD 61.19 billion by 2028.​

Indoor playgrounds are becoming more popular among moms who want to provide their children with a safe, fun, and stimulating environment. Indoor playgrounds offer many benefits for both moms and kids:

  • They are weather-proof. Unlike outdoor parks, indoor playgrounds can be enjoyed all year round, regardless of the temperature, rain, or snow. This means moms don't have to worry about dressing their kids appropriately, applying sunscreen, or finding shelter from the elements.
  • They are convenient. Indoor playgrounds can be located in malls, shopping centers, or other light urban areas, which makes them easy to access for moms who live in the city or suburbs. Moms can also combine their visit to the indoor playground with other errands, such as grocery shopping, dining, or entertainment.
  • They are diverse. Indoor playgrounds offer a variety of activities for kids of different ages, abilities and interests, An indoor playground can offer a variety of activities and equipment such as slides, tunnels, climbing walls, ball pits and more. Moms can choose the activities that suit their kids' preferences and abilities, and also expose them to new experiences and challenges.
  • They are educational. Indoor playgrounds can help kids develop various skills, such as motor coordination, social interaction, creativity, problem-solving, and more. Some indoor playgrounds also offer edutainment programs that combine learning and fun, such as science experiments, art workshops, or music lessons.
  • They are affordable. Indoor playgrounds are usually cheaper than outdoor theme parks or other family entertainment options. Moms can save money by paying only for the activities they want to enjoy, or by taking advantage of loyalty programs, discounts, or special offers.

Indoor Play - Equipment Growth & Opportunity

The indoor children playground equipment market is also expected to witness significant growth in the forecast period of 2017-2029 . The key factors influencing this growth are increasing awareness about child health and safety, rising popularity of indoor playgrounds among parents and kids, innovation and customization of playground equipment, and supportive government policies, regulations and in many cases available funding from new business grants.

These market trends indicate that indoor playgrounds are not only a great choice for moms and kids, but also a lucrative opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs who want to tap into this growing industry.

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