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Amusement Articles

The amusement business and attractions industry has been around since the late 1800's with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind it. For new fun center business developers, looking to start an arcade business or their own family entertainment center, there are a great many resources and pools of information to dive into. This amusement articles archive is a great place to spend some time in and check back often.

Amusement Business Information and Resources

zone action park - fun center businessThis section of the Family Entertainment Center website is about helping you find and research the amusement business with information from our own archives and other industry professionals and experienced fun center business operators.

We understand the thirst for knowledge a new fun center developer is awash with, and present the articles in this section as an all-you-can-eat buffet to help you in the understanding of amusement business demographics and the eternal amusement lease vs. buying your location question.

For a new fun center business, the biggest challenge can be finding your fun center funding, but before you can even really start to think about finance questions, you first must learn the 10 steps to start a family fun center or best determine if your new amusement business is really an entertainment center or if you are about to start an arcade business.

Fun Center Business

There has been a lot of information published about the right formula and attraction mix for your fun center business or indoor party center, which includes indoor playgrounds and playground themeing. However, as cool the wow-factor of expensive themeing can be, the real driver for the long term success of an indoor party center business is fun center play-a-bility : the magic formula. But regardless of whether your fun center business secures attractions through amusement equipment leasing or via a commercial bank loan and outright attraction acquisition, the process of starting a family fun center business begins with a lot of market research, reading and analysis. party center play-a-bility at zone action park

If you are an attractions owner or amusement center operator and have something to say, we welcome an opportunity to add your wisdom and knowledge to this growing amusement business article resource, please feel free to contact us.


The Popularity of Indoor Playgrounds

25 March 2023
amusement articles
According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), there are about 15,000 indoor playgrounds in North America as of 2020. These include soft play areas, inflatable parks, trampoline parks, climbing gyms, and other indoor attractions that cater to children and families. Indoor playgrounds are popular because they offer a safe and fun environment for kids to pl...

Laser Tag Rentals - Earn an Extra $2000 a Month

29 January 2021
amusement articles
Article reprint by S.M.A.R.T. Laser Tag Are you a new entertainment center, mobile party operator or event center looking for an entertainment attraction to provide some brand awareness and market differentiation, while providing your guests with a fun, exciting adventure challenge and earning some extra monthly Moola! Competition and seasonality can be tough for the leisure, event and entert...

Indoor Playground Equipment - Buying From China

05 March 2020
amusement articles
SHOULD YOU BUY YOUR PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT FROM CHINA? As you're developing your family entertainment center plan, if you plan on catering to children 12 years and under, one of the biggest equipment costs will be your indoor playground equipment.

You'll have two choices when it comes to purchasing your play structure—buying from within North America, or buying from China. Buying China will loo...

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment | Top 5 Questions

02 March 2020
amusement articles
Having been around the indoor party center and playground business for 20 plus years now, we have seen a lot of changes, a lot of innovation, and a recently lot of confusion when it comes purchasing the best commercial indoor playground equipment while trying to compare apples to apples. With a horde of new playground equipment manufacturers and suppliers spawning off-shore and flooding the No...

Indoor Playgrounds - Buying Used

02 March 2020
Thinking to save money with used indoor playground equipment?  In some cases you can find great buys for used indoor playgrounds, but be aware of all the added costs; in most cases you will need to replace the foam, post-pad, netting and in some cases perhaps some of the plastic and/or steel pipe and clamps, as well as some older events or activities. Then you have to consider is the play...

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