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The web's best resource for family fun center, indoor party center and amusement attraction developers to start, manage and grow their family entertainment business.

If you are starting a family entertainment center, indoor party center, arcade business or children's edutainment center, we are the amusement business resource you have been looking for. We're here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - welcome.

Starting an arcade business or other community-based amusement attraction is a noble pursuit for many in normal times. In these uncertain pandemic and economic times, that pursuit is dramatically more important.

Under COVID strain, our communities are up against a lack of entertainment opportunity and options. However, together we will persevere and be ready to exploit a coming and growing opportunity to once again be the anchors a well designed family entertainment center occupies in many communities.

If you are an entertainment startup, or an existing fun center operator just looking for ways to be ready - now is the time to be completing your research and due dilligence. The indoor entertainment market will return, and although it may look a little different, those of us ready will provide a vaulable service in high demand for a post-COVID world.

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Startup Materials

Starting a fun center or new family entertainment experience in your community is a grand calling. Many new amusement business entrepreneurs have travelled a similar path, and found the journey to be both fun and rewarding.

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Fun Center Business Planning

Get your family fun center or indoor party center business open fast, with a complete amusement specific business plan. A fun center template easy to edit and make your own, comes with financial statements based on the amusement industry. Available in three different varieties, each with additional materials and customer support.

fun center guidebooks for new amusement startups

Fun Center Operations

No need to reinvent the wheel...if you are looking for a complete set of operational manuals, forms and guides, you have come to the right place. Check out our fun center forms and manuals here, or use the button below to review our amusement entertainment guides.

Family Entertainment Centers and the Indoor Party Center Business

Here, nearing the end of 2021 with the Pandemic slowly being put behind us, it is time to start getting back to normal - and for many - that means a social life filled with friends, family and fun. Sadly, the COVID strain on the entertainment industry has decimated amusement and indoor attractions, and left many communities with an entertainment deficit.

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Hello and Welcome

If you are exploring the idea of filling this entertainment opportunity by starting a family fun center, amusement attraction or entertainment center business, you have found the resource you have been looking for.

We've been here, on the web since 1999 and in the amusement business since 1995 both as family entertainment center operator and attraction supplier.

New Entertainment Developers

Every day we have the pleasure of speaking with both new amusement developers and family entertainment center owners and operators, as well as the many other professionals and amusement equipment companies and suppliers that make up our FEC Network fec fun center network for family entertainment.

The challenge for new amusement business owners and fun center developers is finding the resources, information and knowledge available within our industry - which is why we put together this one-stop family entertainment center and indoor party center attractions resource.

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Startup, Planning & Development

As part of the FEC Network, you have access to amusement equipment suppliers, family entertainment startup, planning and development resources, guidance and materials to help you understand the industry, your community needs and those opportunities.

If you are looking to start an arcade business, family entertainment center or other community-centric children's indoor party center, Edu-tainment center or a high fidelity, high touch, authentic community FEC amusement business, you have come to the right place.

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This site has been a fantastic resource for us, we are so happy to have found you. Thanks for putting it all together and the time you have taken to speak with us, we are very excited to be following a long held dream.

Monica & Jeremy

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FEC Business Plan

Are you feeling a little business plan challenged?  Just want the plan finished...?  Check out our fun center business plan. Easy-peasy 1-2-3 you're done!

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Startup Academy

Ready to get started, but would like some hands-on guidance and industry support? No need to go it alone - Startup Academy is an FEC business mentoring program.

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Amusement Manuals

Get a complete set of fun center operating manuals and forms for your amusement business. Job descriptions, operating proceedures and more.

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On the web since 1999, the FEC Network is the online amusement business resource for startups, owners, operators and suppliers.

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