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Fun Center Equity Fund

The Family Entertainment Center (part of the FEC Network) has active entrepreneurs across the USA and Canada, who are either established operators, amausment equipment manufacturers, community angels or individual entrepreneurs somewhere in the process of completing their fun center business planning and/or facility development.

If you are in a position of needing capital, completing your business planning or looking for the right location and may be interested in the possibility of a joint-venture, the Fun Center Equity Fund is worth a look. Click here to see a list of States and Countries that are represented in the program.

Of those currently in our database, there may be one or two, or several in your market area who are in a similar position as you are right now, looking to build, open and operate a family entertainment center. Like you, many have great ideas, initiative, perhaps even a site and access to some capital. In some instances, combining your resources with theirs may make sense;

  1. The potential to add other experience to your team
  2. Added capital resources
  3. Skill sets you may not have

When preparing your financial strategy, an option sometimes over-looked is the joint venture. This approach may have some appeal and may be far more likely to have the successful financial outcomes you and your new partners desire. The program is designed to connect like - minded entrepreneurs within a community area in their pursuit to open a family entertainment center.

This is a service through our subscriber base, and only those who have demonstrated monetary commitment shall participate in the service. In this way, we eliminate time-wasters and can better serve those who are serious. We add approximately 10 - 20 new contacts to our database each month. Get on the list and get going!

Although every effort is made to ensure reputable representation, it remains your responsibility to complete the due diligence necessary to ensure those whom with you deal with are who they say they are. If you have any doubts or concerns, click here to read our Legal Notice.

With this program the Family Entertainment Center acts as a gateway between you and other entrepreneurs and potential partners. We provide the introduction, but DO NOT assume responsibility for outcomes or actions. We make NO implied or written promise or guarantee what so ever that sources for funding or securing funding will be made from within this service.

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