Amusement Funding

Family Entertainment Centers, Arcade Business, Amusement Parks and Children's Entertainment Centers - the resources you are looking for to design, build, open and operate a successful family entertainment center business.

Fun Center Equity Fund

The Family Entertainment Center (part of the FEC Network) has active entrepreneurs across the USA and Canada, who are either established operators, amausment equipment manufacturers, community angels or individual entrepreneurs somewhere in the process of completing their fun center business planning and/or facility development.

If you are in a position of needing capital, completing your business planning or looking for the right location and may be interested in the possibility of a joint-venture, the Fun Center Equity Fund is worth a look. Click here to see a list of States and Countries that are represented in the program.

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9 Steps to Develop a Family Fun Center

Family Entertainment Centers, Fun Centers, Amusement Parks and Children's Entertainment Centers - the resources you are looking for to design, build, open and operate a successful family entertainment center business.

" Think carefully about the general risk involved in developing a new business. There are no guarantees and you will need to be comfortable with these risks before you can seriously move forward."

9 Steps to Develop a Family Fun Center

By John Gerner

If you're thinking about developing a family entertainment center, the following advice is for you. It's from my 20+ years of consulting experience with new leisure attractions, and watching many who have gone down the path you're looking at right now. One of the real benefits of our industry is shared experience. We don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to FECs. Sure, there are always improvements that can be made to the concept, but it's a proven one with an established track record that now spans decades. With that in mind...

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Amusement Demographics 101

To clearly determine your local market opportunity and the potential of your project idea's profitability, the first step is looking at the local demographics.

The study and understanding of the demographic make-up of your market opportunity can be a complex one. However, prior to really digging into the specific data, and spending volumes of time there, you can do some quick, general rule-of-thumb projections to at least get a start and some degree of initial confidence, that yes this is an idea that could work.

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Revenue Per Square Foot


Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge Apple fan. I have ever device the company has every made including the Apple TV, a big-boy Mac Pro, several Mac Mini's, the iphone, a new ipod and all the way back to the very first McIntosh computer in the late 80's... and if they ever get around to building a stand alone 60" inch plasma integrated Apple TV - I will buy a couple of those too!

For me, the reasons are simple... it just works. Everything, all the time and always has from day one. Never any blue-screen of death, no ini file frustrations or any of that other configuration nonsense you might sometimes run into on the dark side. Oh sure, it hasn't been 100% peanut butter and jelly - over the last 30 years or so, I have had at least 3 or 4 times the machine has crashed, but she's always fired right back up without any data loss - I mean, Wow!

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Indoor Playgrounds

soft indoor playgrounds for children's entertainment centersAfter 30 some years, that standard indoor play structure is still the number one activity when it comes to driving traffic and party guests at the local children's entertainment center, or indoor party center business. Indoor playgrounds, soft play, climbing structure, jungle gym, soft modular play or simple playground equipment - whatever you call it, soft indoor playgrounds have really stood the test of time as a successful amusement attraction. 

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