amusement equipment leasing

Amusement Equipment Leasing

General equipment lease options may help the new amusement center developer improve your business or expand your business. However some lease options may be expensive and so you need to go for general equipment financing to fulfill your needs. There are various types of loans available for general equipment financing. However, coin operated amusement equipment such as arcade games, redemption games, and even some other indoor play activities like inflatable playgrounds and soft contained indoor play structures or climbing gyms.

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Go Karts for Fun Centers and Attractions

An amazing little vehicle that started out as a way for airmen in the 1950s to kill some time has gradually turned into a popular worldwide sport for many. The go kart has quickly become a phenomenon all over the world. Art Ingels was given credit for inventing the go kart when he built his very first one in 1956. That first  go kart was little more than a riding lawn mower compared to the models available today. Today, modern go-karts can travel 160 mph or faster. A little too fast for your fun center, but pretty amazing none the less.

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Video Arcade Games

Video Arcade Games - A Business in Decline?

Not many businesses have changed as much in the span of the last 20 years as the video arcade business. Early video games were once only found and enjoyed at amusement arcades, which had tons of different video games of various genres. These video arcade rooms were favorite spots where kids could visit, enjoy the company of their friends and play their favorite video arcade games. With the advent of new PC gaming and console game box options being driven by inhome entertainment growth, is the death of the community arcade business at hand?

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